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Gloria and Misha Myers, mother and daughter both originally from Mississippi and the Gulf Coast of the USA, will be cooking up one of their favourite family recipes for gumbo at the RAW Garden.
Gumbo is a stew originating from southern Louisiana during the 18th century with influences from the different cultures that were living in the region at that time including Choctaw, West African, French, German, and Spanish. With a base of a dark roux as a thickener, it is usually made with sausage, fowl and seafood and the essential vegetable ingredient of okra. For RAW, they’ll be cooking up a chicken and vegetarian version.
After a long successful career as an accountant, Manager of Finance for General Electric and Senior Accountant for an aviation company in Florida, Gloria is now retired and resides in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida where she is very active in her community. She now has the time to enjoy doing the things she has always wanted to do, such as travelling the world and learning about different cultures.
Where: The Raw Garden (Address Below)
When: Sunday 30th April
Time: 12 – 2pm
Price: $15 (+$1.50 booking fee.)
Booking: Click here.
ONLY 15 spaces available!

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